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After achieving various landmarks in CA RESULTS, Now we achieved landmark in CS. Our Student Bhago Kaur secured 25th rank in India in CS Foundation in june 2014 exam. Also we achieved 100% results in CS Foundation June 2014 exam
Scope of CA/CS

About CA

One of the most sought after professional courses for Commerce students is Chartered Accountancy, popularly known as CA. Its importance lies in the fact that CA's are the people who make the financial statements of different organisations at the end of the accounting year. It is one of the backbones of the financial regulatory system of the country. All companies, big or small have to be audited by a CA who prepares documents like the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account, and only then are they accepted by various government departments. So the work of a CA revolves around - accounting, auditing, taxation and financial analysis.

The CA Advantage

As recession scares come back to haunt the world, here's a profession which is free from the vagaries of the economy. The work of a CA is such that it will always be in demand, irrespective of the times. In fact you do not even need to find a job as after qualifying as a CA; you can start working independently and start your own firm. With your competence you can steadily gain clients and establish yourself soon enough.

Why work as a CA

  • There is never any dearth of work for CA's as any and every organization needs them.
  • You can start your professional career as a CA as soon as you qualify your exams so there is no gestation period at all.
  • The compulsory article ship period provides the necessary industry exposure to prepare you for a job or independent practice, right after your degree
  • The remuneration is usually high as well. Starting salaries are a minimum of Rs. 20,000 and can go up to 80,000 in a short while. This of course depends on the kind of organisation you choose to work in. With experience, it is possible to get paid much more.

    Nature of Work/scope of CA

    The work of a CA will be very interesting to students of commerce as they deal with accounts and finance. The work would entail the following –

    • Accounting:The most basic of these is preparing the accounts of a company, private or government owned. This will include all kinds of financial statements, from the Balance Sheet to the Profit and Loss Account
    • Auditing:This means going through the financial statements of companies and checking if they're in order. This ensures that there is little scope of financial irregularities by companies.
    • Cost Consulting:CA's can also diversify and take up cost consultancy. Making use of their skills they can help big enterprises make viable budgets for particular operations so as to minimize costs.
    • Taxation:If auditing and accounting put you to sleep, a Chartered Accountancy course can still be of use as you can take up tax related issues as your main work. This would include filing tax returns, doling tax advice and minimization of various taxes through legal means.
    • Legal Matters: CA's also have a big role to play in legal matters of financial contracts, estate planning as well as during insolvency and liquidation of companies.
    • Management Consulting: This is slightly different from the main auditing as it involves analyzing the financial information of different departments within an organisation to assess past performance and determine the present.
    • Planning and Management: Unlike regular management jobs, planning and management for CA's mean mostly financial management.
    • Company Secretary: The nature of work is similar to that of CA but the title is different. The work of a CS would primarily include taking care of legislation and their perusal within the organisation. It keeps a tab on that and reports to the boards members of various legal obligations of a company.

      About CS

      A company secretary is someone who acts as a moderator between the shareholders, government , regulatory authorities and the company and its board of directors. Company secretary’s role is to make sure that board procedures are timely followed,reviewed and revised. Not only that, a company secretary also acts as a guide for the Directors and the Chairman by instructing them on how to make the best use of their responsibilities under each circumstance.

      Why work as CS

      • The market demand for this career is on the upswing
      • There is tremendous growth opportunity in this profession along with excellent remuneration.
      • This is a coveted position and rapidly gaining popularity amongst youngsters who want to make it big in the corporate world.
      • The remuneration is usually high as well. Starting salaries are a minimum of Rs. 20,000 and can go up to 80,000 in a short while.

          Nature of work/scope of CS

          • Assistance to the Board of Directors: Company secretaries not only provide secretarial assistance to the board but also provide them with expert advice in many respects.
          • Company Registrar: They are an important component of a company’s managerial hierarchy working in the capacity of the company registrar.
          • Legal Advisor: As a legal advisor, they have to provide assistance to the company in case of any legal matter. They also ensure that the company complies with the statutory and bureaucratic directives of company, security and corporate laws.
          • Corporate Policymaker: Company secretaries play an important role in putting together both short term and long term corporate policies of the company. They also advise the company board when existing corporate policies are brought up for review from time-to-time.
          • Chief Administrative Officer: In the capacity of the chief administrative officer, they have to monitor the general administrative activities of the company. They are responsible for the safekeeping of all legal and other confidential documents of the company.
          • Principal Secretary: They have to manage all aspects of corporate meetings be it board meetings, annual general meetings, interaction with important clients and vendors, meetings with government and private delegations. They may also have to take up the responsibility to manage corporate events and manage clients.
          • Corporate Planner: As additional responsibility, company secretaries also have to keep a discerning eye on the expansion opportunities of the company. Further, they have to take care of collaborations, joint-ventures, mergers, takeovers within the country and outside. 


          OUR TOPPERS

          Sahil Tandon
          CA-P.E. II May, 2007
          2nd in Punjab

          Jasbir Singh
          89/100, CA-P.E. II, 2007
          1st in A/C in Pb.

          Naiya Tandon
          CA-P.E. II Nov, 2006
          1st in Ludhiana

          CA-P.E. G-I May, 2006
          1st in Punjab

          Abhishek Jain
          392/600 CA-P.E. II, 2006
          3rd Rank in Ludhiana

          Puneet Dhawan
          CA-P.E. II May, 2006
          47th Rank in India

          Sheryans Jain
          CA-P.E. I Nov, 2005
          1st in Pb. 19th Rank in India

          Puneet Dhawan
          CA-P.E. I May, 2005
          1st in Punjab

          Varun Bansal
          CA-P.E. I May, 2005
          1st in Punjab

          Neha Midha
          CA-P.E. II Nov, 2004
          44th Rank in India

          Nishant Garg
          CA-P.E. II Nov, 2003
          10th Rank in India